Voiding an authorisation

Learn how to perform a void on a payment.


Do you have the right role?

You will need to be assigned the following role(s): Operations manager. Voiding an authorisation can only be performed on online transactions.

Which payments can I void?

You can void a previously authorised payment that you no longer wish to capture. Voiding the payment cancels the hold on the authorised amount.

If you are configured to void the payments, you can do so on a payment that has Authorised status. The authorisation period for voiding a payment varies depending on your payment provider.

You can void a payment via the Payments detail page.

  1. Search the relevant payment in the Payments list and click into the payment. Note: the payment status must be Authorised in order to perform a void.

  2. In the top right hand corner, you will see the actions button. From the drop down, select Void.

Actions button with refund, capture and void options

Actions button with refund, capture and void options

  1. All voids are for the full authorised amount only. You can only void a transaction once. Note: When you void a payment, your customer won’t see a refund. A refund isn’t needed because funds were never deducted.
Void transaction screen

Void transaction screen

  1. Select Confirm void to void the payment.
Confirmation of void screen

Confirmation of void screen

  1. If the void was successful, then a success message will be displayed at the top of the Payment detail page and the page will be automatically refreshed. The Voided amount field will display the voided amount. The payment timeline section will have a new entry to reflect the successful void event.

Possible reasons you can’t void a payment

At times, you may find that the Actions button is unavailable, or the Void action is greyed out. This can happen for one of the following reasons:

  • Your user role doesn’t have void rights. Reach out to your admin user. They can assign you the Operations manager role, which lets you void payments.
  • The payment method doesn't support voids.
  • Void is not supported for in-store transactions.
  • A void isn’t possible. A payment must be in Authorised status before a void is possible.
  • Another user is attempting a void on the transaction. Please check the transaction before retrying.
  • You can only void a payment once.