Payments export

Find out how to export your payment listing from the Connect portal.


Export limit

You can only export a maximum of 15k transactions at one time. If the number of transactions listed in the payment dashboard is more than 15k, continue to refine the search filters until it returns a number of transactions below the maximum limit before you hit the Export button.

You can easily export your payments by selecting the Export button on the Payments page. The following fields will be exported along with the relevant payments.

Field #Field NameField Description
01TransactionDateThe date of the payment (in the user's local timezone).
02IdUnique ID of the payment in the Connect portal.
03TransactionIdUnique payment identifier.
04OrchestrationTransactionIdUnique identifier assigned at the payment orchestration layer.
05ConnectorTransactionIdThe payment identifier assigned by the payment processor.
06SchemeTransactionIdThe payment identifier assigned by the scheme.
07MerchantRefIdUnique merchant-generated order reference or tracking number for each transaction.
08AmountTotal transaction amount.
09MerchantIdThe merchant identifier.
10MerchantNameThe merchant name.
11PaymentMethodThe payment method. e.g. CardDebit, CardCredit, Paypal, etc.
12StatusThe payment status e.g. Authorised, Captured, Refunded, Voided, etc.
13SubStatusThe payment sub-status provides more details into why it was declined.
14SourceThe payment source.
15CurrencyThe payment currency.
16BuyerIdThe buyer identifier (applicable to online only).
17BuyerDisplayNameThe buyer name (applicable to online only).
18CapturedAmountThe captured amount of the payment.
19RefundedAmountThe refunded amount of the payment.
20SchemeThe card scheme.
21BinThe card issuer Bank Identification Number (BIN). A Bank Identification Number (BIN) is the first six to eight digits of the Primary Account Number (PAN) that identifies the financial institution that issued the card.
22CardTypeCard type, e.g. credit card, fuel card, etc.
23LabelThe last 4 digits of Payment Account Number (PAN) or Device Payment Account Number (DPAN) for card payments. For non-card payments, this field is used as the identifier for the buyer account e.g. PayPal buyer's email address.
24Last4DigitOrAccountNameThe last 4 digits of Payment Account Number (PAN) or Device Payment Account Number (DPAN) for card payments. For non-card payments, this field is used as the identifier for the buyer account e.g. PayPal buyer's email address.
25AuthorizedAtThe date the payment was authorised.
26ConcurrencyStampInternal field used to handle optimistic concurrency scenario.
27UpdatedAtThe date the payment was last updated.
28CapturedAtThe date the payment was captured.
29VoidedAtThe date the payment was voided.
30RefundedAtEarliestThe earliest refund date.
31RefundedAtLatestThe latest refund date.
32TransactionTypeThe payment type. Possible values are CP for in-store or CNP for ecommerce.
33StoreIdThe ID of a specific store (applicable to in-store only).
34TerminalIdThe ID of a payment terminal within a store (applicable to in-store only).
35CardAcceptorNameLocationIdentifies the store location or only payment statement descriptor.
36LocalDateThe local date and time of the payment at the original store location.
37RRNA Retrieval Reference Number (RRN) is a a numeric key to uniquely identify a card-based payment (applicable to in-store only).
38STANA System Trace Audit Number (STAN) is a number generated by the cardholder bank that can be used to identify a payment (applicable to in-store only).
39CardInputMethodIdentifies the method used to provide card information. e.g. Swipe, Contactless, Insert for in-store and ecommerce, card_on_file for online.
40ChannelPayment channel. The values can either be Online or In-store.
41ThreeDSecure.Status3-D Secure status.
42ThreeDSecure.ECI3-D Secure ECI code.
43ThreeDSecure.AuthResponse3-D Secure authorisation response code.
44ThreeDSecure.Method3-D Secure method (frictionless/challenge).
45MetadataPayment transaction metadata (in JSON format).
46ResponseCodeThe response code from the card issuer when the payment is declined.
47ResponseDescriptionThe description of the response code. When a payment has been declined or failed this field would provide additional details.