What is PayTo

PayTo is a modern digital payment solution offering a fast, easy and secure way to pay. It gives consumers more visibility and control over their payments and enables merchants to initiate real-time payments from the consumer’s bank accounts.

Benefits for Consumers

  • gives consumers control before any payments go out;
  • secure, and keeps consumer's data private;
  • more visibility in their internet or mobile banking app;
  • fast, all payments and authorisation actions are done in real-time; and
  • easy to set up on the spot using a PayID or a Bank account number.

Benefits for Businesses

  • reducing errors with real-time account validation;
  • reducing manual handling with real-time funds verification;
  • real-time funds receipt confirmation;
  • easy reconciliation with the support of additional information; and
  • maintain customer relations with agreement change notifications.

Use Cases

PayTo supports a range of use cases and encourages business innovation. In the future, we anticipate seeing new use cases brought to market by fintech and merchants alike.

  • Consumers can use PayTo to make in-app and e-commerce payments
  • Consumers can use PayTo to make in-store payments via a digital wallet
  • Consumers can use PayTo for making regular subscriptions, utilities, and any other schedule-based payments
  • Businesses can use PayTo for paying payroll, suppliers, drivers, and any other accounts payable transactions

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