Retrieving Buyer's Wallet

Use the Buyer Wallet API to retrieve a list of all the PayTo Instruments saved for future use by the buyer, and then display them to the buyer as a checkout option.

When calling the Get Buyer Instruments API, you will need to provide us with the merchant's buyer's profile identifier. This identifier needs to be unique so you can always refer back to it.


Creating new buyers

There is no need to explicitly create new buyers on our platform; we will do this as required.

Use the information returned by the Get Buyer Instruments API to display PayTo Instruments available to the buyer at checkout. When a buyer does not have any saved PayTo instruments, an empty list is returned.


Best PayTo customer experience

You should call the Get Buyer Instrument API each time PayTo instruments need to be presented to the buyer rather than using cached details. Use cases include:

  • Adding or removing items in the shopping cart
  • Navigating out, and then back into the checkout payment section