Displaying PayTo Instruments


Best PayTo Customer Experience

We recommend displaying each PayTo Instrument using the information provided when retrieving the Buyer's wallet.

Instrument label type

Returned valueCustomer experience
PAYIDdisplay as PayID
BBANdisplay as Bank Account

Instrument label

Display the value as provided. Value is already pre-formatted in a customer friendly format.

Customer action required

Returned valueCustomer experience
truedisplay a notification icon to nudge the buyer to perform a view instrument action.
falsedon’t display a notification icon on the tile.

Can make payments

Returned valueCustomer experience
trueenable the Pay with PayTo button.
falsedisable the Pay with PayTo button to ensure that payment initiation is not triggered inadvertently.

Displaying in checkout

Buyer must be able to select the PayTo Instrument for payment.

UX/UI sample: Buyer has one saved PayTo Instrument, label type and value are displayed, instrument is able to make payments hence the 'Pay with PayTo' button is enabled.

Displaying in customer wallet management

Buyer should be able to click on a PayTo Instrument and manage it. For more details please read Viewing PayTo Instruments.

UX/UI sample: Buyer has four saved PayTo Instruments; label types and values are displayed accordingly; second instrument has a customer action required flag equal true, therefore a notification icon is displayed; a cog icon / button is provided to facilitate management of each instrument