PayTo Payment Initiation

To successfully initiate a PayTo payment, you must use our Make Payment API as follows:

  1. Provide a valid PayTo Instrument reference that you have retrieved from buyer's wallet. For more information please Retrieving Buyer's Wallet;

  2. Supply a unique payment transaction reference that’s generated from your system or the merchant's system;

  3. Supply a payment amount that's ranging between 1 and 100,000,000 cents;

  4. Supply the customer facing order number to be included as part of this payment;


Optional payment description

You can also include a 280 character customer facing payment description in a PayTo payment, or we can generate one on your behalf.

As soon as you submit your PayTo payment initiation request, we will immediately submit it to the NPP infrastructure for processing in real-time, and then immediately respond to you with the payment’s final outcome.


Completed payment

The Completed status indicates that the payment is successfully settled and that funds transfer is complete.


Rejected payment

The Rejected status indicates that the payment has failed and no funds have been transferred. A reason for failure is also provided.