Creating PayTo Instruments

While in checkout, buyers need to be provided with the option of paying with PayTo. Two scenarios need to be considered:

  1. Buyer has no saved PayTo instruments, and must be given the option to set one up.
  2. Buyer has at least one PayTo instrument, and should be given the option to set up more (e.g. they might want to use a different bank account).

To set up new PayTo instruments, buyers must be redirected to our PayTo experience. Upon successful redirection buyers will perform the following steps:

  1. Submit their bank account details, which in turn creates the PayTo Instrument;
  2. Authorise the agreement in their bank, therefore activating the PayTo Instrument and triggering the redirection back to merchant's e-commerce store;
  3. Back in the merchant's checkout, buyers are now able to select the PayTo Instrument and pay.


To perform this redirect, you must

  1. Call the Create Session API using the AddAdHocInstrument action,
  2. Use the received Wpay redirection URL to perform a browser redirect.


Best PayTo customer experience

  • Display the PayTo payment method in line with other payment methods already available in your store
    • Incorporate the PayTo logo
    • Incorporate a catchy tag line (e.g. Immediate, easy and secure payment from your bank account.)
    • Tag this payment method as 'New!'
  • Tailor the action button, 'Pay with PayTo', and brand with logo

UX/UI sample 1: Buyer has no PayTo Instruments, and is setting the first one up

UX/UI sample 2: Buyer some saved PayTo Instrument(s), and is given the option to set more up