Tokenizing a Payment Instrument

This guide covers the high level process for tokenizing a payment instrument and provides detailed guides on supported payment instruments which can be tokenized using the Wpay Platform.

How it works

  1. The customer then enters their payment details directly on your checkout page.
  2. Your customer's sensitive information is passed from your website and is processed by us. We return a payment token (instrumentId) which is a unique representation of the card without any sensitive card information.
  3. The instrumentId can be used in our payments services to make a payment or even set up a recurring payment.

Tokenization Guides

Follow the guides below for detailed instructions on how to perform tokenization for different payments instruments using the Wpay Platform.

  1. Tokenizing a Card
  2. Tokenizing a Gift Card
  3. Tokenizing PayPal
  4. Tokenizing Apple Pay
  5. Tokenizing Google Pay