Wallets and Instruments


The wallet allows you to securely store and manage customers' payment instruments in our vault. This will allow you and your customer to reuse these stored instruments in future checkouts without the need to recapture all the payment details again. Think of this as a real wallet but for the online world.


Wallet Creation

We handle the complexity of setting up a new wallet each time a new customer saves a payment instrument during checkout. We will re-use a customer's existing wallet if they have already saved one or more payment instruments as part of their previous checkout.

Retrieving Instruments in the Wallet

Payment Instruments stored in the customer's wallet for your website can be retrieved using the customer's unique identifier.


An instrument is a unique reference to a payment method that has been tokenized and stored in our vault, either as a single-use or multi-use instrument. When tokenization is successful we securely store the payment information as a payment instrument in our vault and each instrument is uniquely identified by an instrument ID and payment token.

These instruments can be single-use or can be saved to a customer's wallet and used multiple times.

Single-use Instrument Tokens

An instrument token that is single-use will not be stored in the customer's wallet and cannot be used to make multiple payments. An example of this would be the instruments generated for a guest user or where a customer has selected not to save their payment details for future checkouts.

Multi-use Instrument Tokens

An instrument token that is multi-use is where the customer has selected to save their payment details so that they can use them at a later stage without having to recapture all their payment details. We will store the payment token against the wallet as an instrument which you will be able to retrieve along with some header level details of the payment method when the customer comes back for a future checkout.


Instrument Types

An instrument includes all payment methods, e.g. debit card, credit card, gift card and PayPal.