Where a service would return a large amount of information we've implemented pagination to keep responses quick and reduce the amount of data that you need to handle.

By default we will limit these services to return 25 records per page however this can be configured to return as many records as you require.

This can be done by specifying the page size and page number.

  • page-size is the maximum number of records per page you wish to return
  • page is the page number in the total returned records.

This is specified in the request URL for example:

Services that support pagination will also indicate the total record count and records being viewed as part of the metadata, e.g:

"meta": {
        "recordCount": 2,
        "totalRecords": 155


  • recordCount is the number of records returned on the specified page
  • totalRecords is the total number of records which are available in the response.