Once you've successfully set up your integration and have received your API key, you're able to start receiving and tokenizing your customers' payment instruments. After this tokenization process, you're ready to create a payment. To do this, you can use either our API's or our easy to integrate SDK's.

How it works


Tokenization or tokenizing a payment instrument is the process of taking sensitive payment information and converting it into a payment token. This payment token can then be used for making payments and setting up payment agreements through our payment services. Payment tokens are used for both single-use payments such as; guest payments or the token can be vaulted and stored in the customers wallet and used multiple times for your registered customers.


  • Once you have tokenized a payment instrument you can then use the payment token to send through a payment request.
  • We use the payment token to retrieve the payment information from our secure vault and use this information to process a payment with the relative issuer/provider.
  • Once a transaction is complete you will receive back a response with the outcome of the payment request and a Payment Transaction ID and Payment Transaction Reference. These can be used for subsequent Refunds, Voids or Completions.