Gift Cards

Gift Cards have been a popular payment method for a long time seeing how they drive brand awareness and earn customer loyalty while encouraging repeat purchases.

As the Program Manager for all Woolworths brand gift cards, Wpay has the capability to support your business in the sale and redemption of Woolworths gift cards.

Wpay has a wide range of physical and digital gift card products that are offered on the Woolworths Gift Card Website

In addition, we work with a variety of Gifting Partners who act as resellers of Woolworths brand Gift cards. If you are interested in becoming a Gifting Partner, please follow us on Becoming a Gifting Partner

Beyond the sale of gift cards, Wpay also provides APIs that will support your platform in processing gift card payments. Even if your website does not sell gift cards, you can allow your customers to pay for their purchase using a gift card either entirely or partially.

Given your customer already has access to their Woolworths gift card, Wpay's APIs will allow them to

Add the Gift Card to their digital wallet

To tokenize a Gift Card as an instrument using the Wpay Platform please follow Tokenizing a Gift Card.

Make a Gift Card Payment

To make a Gift Card payment using the Wpay Platform please follow Making a Payment.

Check their Gift Card Balance

To check Gift Card balance using the Wpay Platform please follow Gift Card Balance Check.