Error Codes

High Level Error Codes

HTTP Status CodeError CodeError Detail
200 - OKNAThe request was successful.
400 - Bad RequestAP99
Bad input data was received
401 - UnauthorisedAP01
Invalid API Key or Access Token
403 - ForbiddenAP99Access not allowed to the requested resource
429 - Too Many RequestsAP99Rate limiting threshold Reached due to too many requests within a limited time frame
500 - Server Error(Multiple)External gateway error
501 - Business Logic ValidationBV##Data provided conflicts with business logic validation rules
502 - Bad GatewayIS##
Internal system error
503 - Service UnavailableAP99The service you are calling is currently unavailable
504 - Gateway TimeoutAP99The service you are calling was not able to respond within the timeout window

Detailed Error Codes

External System Errors

Errors that occur when Wpay is interacting with external systems will be prefixed with ES.

Error CodeError Description
ES36External Gateway Timeout
ES52Payment Transaction Declined
ES53Technical Failure
ES91Card Issuer Unavailable
ES94Duplicate Transaction
ES105Payment Instrument Expired
ES112Invalid Transaction
ES120Invalid Gift Card Details
ES122Amount Is Greater Than Preauth Amount
ES130Not Supported By Merchant
ES151Insufficient Funds
ES470Account Locked Or Closed
ES611Problem Retrieving The Gift Card Balance
ES3000Processor Network Unavailable

Business Validation/Bad Input Errors

Errors that occur when the data Wpay is receiving from you violates business validations are prefixed with BV and where bad input data is found they are prefixed with BI.

Error CodeError Description
BV57Illegal Step Up Token Found
BV58Expired Step Up Token Found
BV59Step Up Token Required
BI02Invalid Account Or Password
BI08Invalid Data Found In Request
BI18Unsupported Transaction Type
BI19Mandatory Field Value Not Found
BI22Invalid Field Value Found
BI24No Matching Record Found
BI33Transaction Type Not Found
BI34Unsupported Fraud Version
BI55Original Payment Transaction Not Found

Token & Merchant Data Errors

Errors that occur when invalid token or merchant configuration data is found are prefixed with AP

Error CodeError Description
AP01Invalid API Key or API Product Match Not Found
AP02Invalid or Expired Access Token
AP04Merchant Configuration Not Found
AP05Invalid User Linked to Access Token
AP99Unknown Error

Catch All Error Code

UN99 is used where an error has not been mapped to a specific code or where an unknown error has occurred. Please see the error details for further information.

Error CodeError Description
UN99Unknown / Unmapped Error

3DS Error Codes

3DS specific errors

3DS_0013DS Token Required
3DS_002Invalid session
3DS_0033DS Validation Failed
3DS_004Unsupported 3DS Version
3DS_0053DS Service Unavailable
3DS_0063DS Authentication Failed
3DS_0073DS Validation Timeout
3DS_100Merchant does not support 3DS
3DS_5003DS Unknown Error