Tokenizing a Card

To tokenize a card you are required to use our Frames SDK. This is due to the PCI compliance requirements around capturing and handling sensitive card payment information. We currently do not support the tokenization of card information via our standard API's, however, if you are an organization with strong PCI Compliance please Contact us

High Level Flow


How it works

  1. Embed the Wpay Frames on the checkout page of your website.
  2. The customer then enters their payment details directly on your checkout page.
  3. Your customer's sensitive information is passed from the frames and is processed by us. We return a payment token (instrumentId) which is a unique representation of the card without any sensitive card information.
  4. The instrumentId can be used in our payments services to make a payment or even set up a recurring payment.

Due to PCI compliance requirements, we require you to use our Frames in order to capture and tokenize credit card information. To see more on tokenizing a credit card via our Frames please see our Frames SDK