Certification Process

Once you've integrated with our test environment, you will have to go through a certification process to validate your API integration with us. As part of this process, we will confirm your setup and run Test Scenarios in the test environment to see how your API integration works under various conditions.

Your participation will be limited to sharing your screen and invoking one or more APIs - the testing will otherwise completely be managed by our technical team.

  • When you have completed your implementation, we will set up a Live Test session with our technical team.

  • During the session, we will ask you to run a series of tests and share your screen so we can view the outcome at your end and the backend system under various conditions

  • At the end of the Live Test, given all the testing has satisfactory, you will be all set to go live.

  • We will proceed to set up your account in the production environment and provide you with an API key you can use in production

  • Before you go live, we will put your production IP addresses on an allow list.



Keep your production IP addresses ready so we can put them on the allow list before you go live