As a Gifting Partner offering the sale of digital gift cards, you will be set up with a Stored Value Account (SVA) and a credit limit. When a customer purchases gift cards via your platform, you can place an order with us to create the corresponding number of gift cards via our Order API.

Every order you place will be auto-debited from the balance on your SVA.

We will create the gift cards, activate them and share the details with you. You can then proceed with order fulfilment at your end so your customer can receive the gift cards they have purchased.

All gift cards will be created as per the products and programs configured as part of your Account Settings.

Ordering Methods

Wpay offers two digital gift card ordering methods depending on the number of cards included in the order.

  1. A Real-time Order provides a streamlined experience where your cards will be created and activated immediately so you get an instant response.

  2. A Batch Order allows up to 25,000 cards to be ordered. When you use the batch order API to provision gift cards, you will have to wait until the cards get created and then retrieve the activated cards in a separate step.


Ordering 10 gift cards or less

We recommend using the real-time order for orders of 10 or fewer gift cards.