Activation Process

The activation process for a physical gift card is similar to the ordering process for a digital gift card.

The main difference is that gift card numbers are available for physical cards and activation requires the card number to be passed in the request.


Step 1: Confirm Payment

  • Your customer browses your platform, selects a physical gift card they wish to purchase and proceeds to pay.

  • You create a unique reference number for the order and payment is processed using your payment processor.

Step 2: Activate Card

Once payment is confirmed, you will have to activate the card before it can be used for redemption.

For each gift card to be activated, you have to invoke the Activate Physical card API and ensure you pass in the SKU for that gift card

  • You will know the SKU for the gift card as this would have been configured when your account was set up

  • Alternatively, you can pass the first 13 digits of the barcode number which will identify the SKU

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'X-Api-Key: ********' \
--data-raw '{
    "payments": [
            "code": "svc",
            "amount": "100"
    "products": [
            "trackData": "<track-data>",
            "cardNumber": "<physical-card-number>",
            "price": 100,
            "qty": 1,
            "currency": "036"
    "refno": "<refNum>",
    "orderType": "FULFILLMENT_BY_SELLER",
    "syncOnly": true


  • payments specifies that the payment will be made from your SVA
  • products contains the details of the gift cards to be activated
    • sku is the gift card product identifier
    • price is the amount to be loaded onto the gift card
    • cardNumber is the gift card number
  • refno is an order reference number you generate to uniquely identify this order
  • syncOnly with a value of true specifies that the activation is real-time

A successful response will have the HTTP status code of 201 and contain information about the cards that have been activated.

    "status": "COMPLETE",
    "orderId": "<auto-generated-orderId>",
    "refno": "<refNum>",
    "cancel": {
        "allowed": false
    "currency": {
        "code": "AUD",
        "numericCode": "036",
        "symbol": "$"
    "payments": [
            "code": "svc"

The response contains status field which indicates if activation has been completed.

Refer to the Activate Physical Gift Card API specification for descriptions of all fields in the request and response.