Account Settings

As a Wpay Gifting Partner, you will be set up with a Stored Value Account (SVA) that will be configured as per your agreement with us. As part of this process, you can expect the following settings to be part of your profile.

Account Balance

Your account will be set up with a with a credit limit. This will be your opening balance as per your signed commercial agreement with us.

Every order you place with us will be deducted from your account balance. At any given point in time, the value of your order cannot exceed the available credit in your account.

Your outstanding balance will reflect all the orders you've processed and when you settle your account, your available credit will be adjusted accordingly.

Product Configuration

Your commercial agreement will include the gifting products that you intend to sell on your platform. If these products have been set up at certain discounts, the discount will be automatically applied when you place the order.

You can only order or activate products that have been pre-configured for your account with gift card denominations subject to a set of allowed values.

Outlet Setup

You will be set up to have either a single outlet or multiple outlets depending on which you may have to identify the outlet processing the customer's order. The outlet you identify will be used in downstream system reporting.

If you choose not to pass in an outlet code or outlet name, a predefined default outlet code may be used.