Real-time Order

We recommend you use the Real-time order approach when ordering 10 or fewer gift cards to instantly provision the gift cards and make them available to your customer.

Every order you place will be auto-debited from your SVA i.e. your available balance will be reduced by the order value and the outstanding balance will be increased by the order value

Step 1: Confirm Payment

  • Your customer navigates to your website, selects the gift cards they wish to purchase and adds them to their cart before proceeding to checkout

  • You create a unique reference number for the order and payment is processed using your payment processor.

Step 2: Place Order

Once you confirm payment, you invoke the Order API by passing in the unique reference number you created in Step 1.

Make sure you set the syncOnly field to true in the API request to ensure we process your order in real time.

curl --request POST \
     --url \
     --header 'Accept: application/json' \
     --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     --header 'X-Api-Key: ******' \
     --data '
     "payments": [
               "code": "svc",
               "amount": 5
     "products": [
               "sku": "******",
               "price": 5,
               "qty": 1,
               "currency": "036"
     "refno": "aaaa-bbbb-0000-0006",
     "syncOnly": true


  • payments specifies that the payment will be made from your SVA
  • products contains the details of the gift cards to be created
    • sku is the gift card product identifier
    • price is the amount to be loaded onto the gift card
    • qty is the number of gift cards to be created
  • refno is an order reference number you generate to uniquely identify this order
  • syncOnly with a value of true requests that the order be processed in real-time

We will immediately provision the gift cards and return to you the gift card numbers, PINs and activation codes.

A successful response will have the HTTP status code of 201 and contain information about the newly created gift cards that are ready for redemption.

  "status": "COMPLETE",
  "orderId": "9200010654",
  "refno": "aaaa-bbbb-0000-0006",
  "cancel": {
    "allowed": true,
    "allowedWithIn": 15
  "currency": {
    "code": "AUD",
    "numericCode": "036",
    "symbol": "$"
  "payments": [
      "code": "svc"
  "cards": [
      "sku": "WWQ651BHNWSH",
      "productName": "Woolworths eGift Card",
      "labels": {
        "cardNumber": "Gift Card Number",
        "cardPin": "Card PIN",
        "activationCode": "Activation Code",
        "validity": "Validity"
      "cardNumber": "*******************",
      "cardPin": "****",
      "activationCode": null,
      "barcode": "*********************************",
      "activationUrl": null,
      "formats": [
          "key": "CNONLY",
          "value": "*******************"
          "key": "QCGTINBARCODE-32",
          "value": "*********************************"
      "amount": "5.00",
      "validity": "2023-05-04T18:30:00+00:00",
      "issuanceDate": "2022-05-05T01:44:36+00:00",
      "cardId": 378467,
      "recipientDetails": {
        "salutation": null,
        "name": "JANE SMITH",
        "firstname": "JANE",
        "lastname": "SMITH",
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "mobileNumber": "+61************",
        "status": "",
        "failureReason": "",
        "delivery": {
          "mode": "API",
          "status": {
            "sms": {
              "status": "NA",
              "reason": "NA"
            "email": {
              "status": "NA",
              "reason": "NA"
      "theme": ""
  "products": {
    "***********": {
      "sku": "***********",
      "name": "Woolworths eGift Card",
      "specialInstruction": "",
      "images": {
        "thumbnail": "",
        "mobile": "",
        "base": "",
        "small": ""
      "cardBehaviour": "QC"
  "additionalTxnFields": []

The response contains two key sets of information:

  • The cards field contains the card details for each gift card created
  • The products field contains SKU related data for every SKU that was ordered.

Refer to the Order Digital Gift Cards API specification for descriptions of all fields in the request and response.

Step 3: Fulfill Order

Once your order has been processed successfully, you can choose to communicate the activated card details to the customer via your existing business process i.e. email or text message.