To tokenize a Google Pay™ instrument and use it to make a payment or store it in the customer's Wpay wallet, we will first need to set up your merchant profile. To tokenize a customer's Google Pay instrument you can make use of our APIs.

## High-level flow


## How it works

  1. Integrate your app or websites with Google Pay to facilitate the checkout journey and allow a customer to select an instrument stored in their Google Pay account and approve the payment.

  2. Once the payment has been approved, Google Pay will provide you with a payment token data payload which can then be sent to Wpay for payments.

  3. The Google Pay token data is decrypted and processed by us. We then return a `Wpay PaymentToken` which is a unique representation of the Google Pay instrument without any sensitive information.

  4. The `Wpay PaymentToken` can be used in our payments services to make a payment.

### Tokenizing Google Pay

This method should be used to tokenize Google Pay payment token data. The same API can be used for [registered and guest customers](🔗).


  • `paymentInstrumentType` should be set to `GOOGLEPAY` for Google Pay tokenization

  • `instrumentType` is the payment network of the card selected.

  • `comment` is the display name of the card selected, generally, this is the payment network followed by the last 4 digits of the selected card.

  • `tokenData` is the JSON Escaped token data returned by Google Pay upon successfully authenticating the payment.